Body Massage

Sanctum Body Spa Treatments

Coconut Bliss Massage

30mins $70  45mins $95  60mins $110 90mins $160

A luxury warm coconut body massage combining Swedish & Lomi Lomi techniques to help you drift away into infinite bliss.


Aromatherapy Massage

30mins $85 60mins $125  90mins $175

Relax in a candle lit room while being blissfully massaged with warm aromatic oil.


Back, Neck and Shoulder Bliss

45mins $99

Unwind as a luxurious sugar scrub is gently applied, followed by a serene back, neck and shoulder massage allowing you to blissfully float away.


Hot Stone Massage 60mins $140

Indulge your body with our signature massage using soothing basalt hot stones and warm luxurious oil.


Pregnancy Escape Massage 60mins $115

For the gorgeous mum to be, take this time to nurture yourself. Escape by beginning with a blissful coconut milk foot soak followed by a luxurious leg massage and a tranquil head, neck & shoulder massage. Suitable for second & third trimesters only.


Sanctum Signature Spa Ritual 80mins $190

Your signature spa treatment begins with your body being gently exfoliated with our exquisite pure fiji body scrub. Blissfully escape as your luxurious body mask is gently applied and be cocooned in a blanket wrapped around you to allow the enrichment of the mask to absorb while you enjoy a heavenly head massage followed by a dreamy back massage.


Body Glow 60mins $120

Float away as a luxury scrub is gently massaged over your body, restoring your skin to its youthful & radiant glow. Slowly awaken as a decadent body butter is gently massaged leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed.