Hair Removal

We use only the most professional and highest quality strip and hot wax.

If you would like a waxing service not listed below just ask your therapist for this when booking or discuss your needs confidentially in the treatment room.

Womans Waxing

Thigh leg wax 30mins $49
Thigh with standard bikini 45mins $68
Half leg lower 30mins $43
Three quarter leg 30mins $59
Full leg wax 45mins $79
Bikini wax standard 15mins $35
Bikini wax extended 30mins $53
Brazilian (longer than 4 weeks) 45mins $72
Brazilian (monthly) 30mins $60
Underarm wax 15mins $30
Arm wax - half 15mins $35
Arm wax - full 30mins $55
Lip or chin wax 15mins $22
Lip & chin wax 15mins $40
Face wax 15mins $55



from $15.

Note: Men's waxing is on our "For Himpage


Sanctum Beauty Therapy performs Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal using the blend technique. A combination of high frequency (cauterisation) and direct current (producing lye to dissolve the root of the hair) effectively inactivates the growth region of the hair follicle. During this treatment each active follicle will need to be treated at least 3 times, and each treatment needs to be during the early stages of hair growth. We insert a blunt needle down the hair shaft one follicle at a time using the hair shaft to direct the current to the correct area, it is important not to pluck the hairs in-between treatments.

Treatment times 5-15mins / 15-30mins / 30-45mins $35 / $55/ $75